Nobody likes having to stop at the gas station to fill up with fuel, mostly because the prices can fluctuate so much and because the cost can be maddeningly expensive. Especially when gas prices are soaring for one reason or another, it can be easy to look at the prices of the various fuel options and opt for the regular fuel since it’s the cheapest. In a lot of Subaru cars, this is fine. Some 2017 Subaru models, however, don’t really allow you to skimp when it comes to feeding an engine.

The easiest way to discover which kind of gasoline a vehicle needs is by reading the car’s handbook. If you drive, say, a Subaru Legacy with a standard engine, the handbook will tell you that regular fuel is just fine. In fact, all standard regular gasoline engines should be fine when it comes to fuel, but Subaru does have a few models that are exceptions.

These come in the form of turbocharged engines. Turbo engines are growing ever more popular right now because they can add a lot of extra horsepower to an engine without really tacking on much extra weight. We’ll leave the technical aspects of these up to our service technicians, but just know that higher-octane fuels are necessary for these engines to run correctly. Using a lower-octane fuel could actually harm the engine over time.

At the same time, studies have shown that springing for the premium gas in a car that doesn’t need it flat-out is a waste of money. Here at Lester Glenn Subaru, we just suggest that drivers in and around Lakehurst, NJ check their handbooks to discover which gasoline their vehicles need, and stick to that every time they visit a gas station.

If you have questions about the differences between regular or premium, or want to asks our experts about any other service-related questions, stop by and see us today!