Just about every driver in Toms River, NJ has had the experience of seeing some sort of minor damage inflicted upon their Subaru car. Maybe it’s coming out of the grocery store to find some sort of scratch or door ding on your vehicle’s sheet metal, or maybe a rock got kicked up on the interstate and left a small spiderweb crack in the corner of your windshield. These are the types of annoyances that don’t really necessitate an insurance claim but do affect the way your car looks, both to you and other people.

Because a 2017 Subaru Forester or 2017 Subaru Outback can still drive even with these little dents and dings, plenty of people will simply let them go, but here at Lester Glenn Subaru, we suggest not putting them off for too long. Small problems can turn to big problems very quickly if they aren’t taken care of reasonably quickly.

Take those small scratches. The full-proof test for this is to run your finger along the scratch. If you can feel the scratch, you will need to take it in for professional repair at our Lester Glenn Subaru service center, because ignoring it could lead to rust. Rusty cars don’t do particularly well on the resale market.

The same could be true for that little spiderweb crack. Left unfixed, this little crack could turn into a crack that runs the length of the windshield, which obviously is dangerous to both driver and passengers. Freezing cold temperatures in the winter months, which are oncoming, makes those extensive cracks even more likely.

Taking all of this into consideration, make sure you take your new or used Subaru vehicle to our Subaru service department should you experience any of these minor cosmetic blemishes. Your car will look better, for one, but it also will preserve the integrity of your vehicle over the long haul, too.