With the return of spring and warmer weather, it’s time to shake off the rain and snow from your Subaru. A new year brings new adventures, so there are a few things you’ll want to do to get your car prepared. Our Subaru service center will be happy to get you started, so here is a walkthrough of what you’ll want to do when you visit.

Tire Inspection

A long winter of driving takes its toll on your tires, and you may find that their treads have started to wear thin. Traction is an important safety factor to consider whenever you hit the road. With the warmer weather bringing more opportunities for outdoor excursions, you’ll undoubtedly want to make sure that your tires are up to the task.

Swap Out Your Windshield Wipers

The inclement weather of winter can make your windshield wipers put in some serious work. With the potential for spring showers, it’s important that your windshield will have the proper protection to keep your driving visuals clear. It’s never worth the risk of tackling wet rainy roads without adequate windshield wipers.

Refill Your Vehicle Fluids

Windshield wiper fluids, engine oil, and brake fluids are just a few fluids that are essential for your Subaru to perform properly. The coming of spring is the perfect time to get those fluids topped off or swapped out. Brake fluid and engine oil in particular should be addressed. Your brakes are your best friend against a potential accident and keeping your engine oil clean will ensure your engine has a long life.

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