There are a lot of decisions that go into buying a new automobile, but one of the most pressing among those invariably is price. Customers in and around Lakehurst, NJ will visit Lester Glenn Subaru and, without fail, ask what a vehicle costs long before they concern themselves with other aspects of the automobile. It is only natural, after all, to show concern for one’s finances, but if money really is the issue, perhaps some more affordable certified pre-owned and used Subaru models could be the answer.

Pre-owned models are great for those in search of a strong value, first and foremost because non-new Subaru models skip a huge chunk of depreciation that cars experience during their first few years of ownership. To be more specific, a car can lose as much as one-fifth of its value the minute it’s driven off the lot, with another ten percent getting dropped after just the first year. Many vehicles lose as much as half of their value after just three or four years of ownership, which means there is great value to be had for a vehicle that’s only a few years old.

Not only that, but certified pre-owned models also come with extended warranties that protect customers against any of the things that could potentially happen to a used Subaru Outback or Subaru Forester, so there isn’t even that element of worrying whether or not a pre-owned model has any latent mechanical concerns just bubbling under the surface.

Honestly, there are a lot of excellent pre-owned vehicles at our facility ready for test driving at any time. Come pay us a visit and try any of them out at your convenience, and find your holiday car-buying value right here at Lester Glenn Subaru.