Now that springtime has arrived, drivers in and around Toms River, NJ would do best to take a step back and check the damage done by the crazy winter we just experienced in this part of the country. Blizzard after blizzard smashed through New Jersey and New York over the course of the past few months, which means people’s cars are disgusting, the roads are riddled with potholes, and many Subaru vehicles could be in need of a quick service checkup.

Here at Lester Glenn Subaru, we suggest bringing in your Subaru hatchback or sedan for a quick maintenance check to ensure that winter didn’t do any serious damage to your automobile.

For example, we’ll start with your tires, which you may find are surprisingly underinflated now that March is upon us. Extremely cold weather causes air to contract, which can siphon the air pressure out of your tires, and underinflated tires put you at increased risk of getting a flat (especially with all these potholes around), while also decreasing your fuel efficiency.

Furthermore, any part in or on your vehicle made from rubber may also have suffered in those cold temps and under the influence of heavy ice and snow. Windshield wipers, for example, can become useless and even can damage your windshield if they’re in bad enough shape. Under your hood, belts and hoses can crack in the cold, too, but our service department can check any 2018 Subaru models to make sure that everything remains in working condition for as long as possible.

Even if your vehicle isn’t “due” for a service appointment, springtime is a great opportunity to check anyway. The last thing you want is to be enjoying the warmer driving weather, only to have something break down because residual winter damage. Our service department can help with that!