Quick lube shops may seem like a fast and convenient alternative to a Subaru service center, but sacrificing quality for speed will bite you in the long run. Lester Glenn Subaru has an expert team of technicians trained to bring you exceptional service. Before you start thinking of skipping out on quality service for a quick lube, you’ll want to keep these three factors in mind.

You May Get Turned Down

Quick lube shops prioritize speed over everything else. While this sounds great, the problem is that their convenience is at your expense. If your vehicle has an oil filter that is difficult to work with, or if you have any unforeseen issues carrying out the oil change, their shops will be prone to outright rejecting service.

They Don’t Require Trained Professionals

On the other hand, getting turned down may be a blessing in disguise since quick lube shops often hire individuals who have little to no experience working in the automotive industry. This introduces an unnecessary amount of risk when you could simply visit a certified service center instead.

The Fluids Are Of Lackluster Quality

In order to maximize their return, it is a common practice for quick lube shops to use cheaper fluids at a high markup. Furthermore, many such shops charge close to full price for top-offs that may require only a few ounces of fluid.

Get Subaru Oil Changes at Lester Glenn Subaru

What’s the takeaway? You won’t save much time, and you certainly won’t save money, at a quick lube shop. Rather than taking a chance on your safety and your car’s longevity, save time and money the right way with a Subaru oil change from Lester Glenn Subaru today.