Summer is the time to get exploring, and we at Lester Glenn Subaru don’t expect our customers to hold back. But as you buckle into your 2015 Subaru Outback, don’t forget that some of your fellow explorers do not have the luxury of such a safety mechanism. What’s more, they may just be driving right beside you! Here are five simple tips for being a safety-conscious driver when you’re sharing the road with cyclists.

  1. Recognize that cyclists are always in more potential danger. Just knowing that the person riding up on your right is in a more vulnerable position than you and your passengers is sure to make you extra cautious as you travel, and we think that’s smart when you’re sharing the road and potentially even turn lanes with cyclists.
  2. Maintain three feet of clearance from all cyclists. Sometimes this may be difficult depending on the road you’re on or just how many cyclists you happen to encounter, but it’s the best way to ensure the safety and comfort of both yourself and the cyclist and is even a legally required distance in many states.
  3. Avoid looking at your phone while driving. Our Toms River Subaru dealership feels that this suggestion should apply to every drive you take, but it is especially important when sharing the road with cyclists who may move from your blind spot to the passenger’s door in a matter of seconds.
  4. Always signal your turns. Cyclists may not have electronic turn signals, but their safety is more certain when they can view yours. Also, be on the lookout for signals that a cyclist is turning – a raised left hand or extended right arm.
  5. Finally, check for cyclists before exiting your vehicle. Everyone encounters surprises on the road, but you can help eliminate a common danger for cyclists by looking around the vehicle before you pop open your door. If you see a cyclist approaching, kindly wait until he or she has passed to open the door and exit.