When the time comes for a Subaru service appointment, look no further than Lester Glenn Subaru. We’re the dealership you can rely on for everything from routine service to recall notices. Learn about the next steps if you receive a recall notice, and get the care you and your car deserve at our dealership today.

Stay Calm

Getting a recall notice can be overwhelming. After all, we rely on our vehicles to get to work and drive our families, and we want to know they’re safe. The important thing is to act quickly and intentionally. You don’t need to panic, but you also shouldn’t drive your vehicle more than necessary (or, in the rare case of a “Do Not Drive” recall, not at all).

Verify the Information

Recalls affect tens of thousands of vehicles annually. If the manufacturer or the NHTSA have issued a recall for your vehicle, you’ll be notified in several different ways, typically both via mail and over the phone. However, some recalls are highly specific and may apply to only a few dozen vehicles, so verifying with your service team or Subaru is a good idea.

Schedule Service

The most important thing is to get your vehicle serviced as soon as possible. That’s where Lester Glenn Subaru can help. Simply call or schedule an appointment online, and we’ll get your vehicle’s recall needs taken care of as quickly as possible.

Get Subaru Recall Service in Toms River, NJ

At Lester Glenn Subaru, we’re dedicated to making the car ownership process easy. That includes the challenging moments, like dealing with recalls. Get help from our expert team and the service that gets you back on the road safe and sound today.