Bringing along a furry companion on your adventures is always a blast in your Subaru car or SUV. However, you’ll always want to ensure your pets’ ride is safe and secure. The road can be unpredictable, so being prepared with Subaru accessories is the best way to ensure your pets will be protected. Here are a few tips for driving safely with your fuzzy friends.

Use Pet Harnesses

While it is undeniably enjoyable to see your pet enjoy the drive as much as you do, keeping your pet properly restrained inside the car is crucial. Unsecured pets pose a danger to both themselves and other passengers, sometimes poking buttons out of curiosity and sometimes distracting the driver. They can also be a danger to themselves and others in the event of an accident.

Keep Your Pet Inside the Vehicle

While it may seem harmless to let your pet stick its head out of the window, it is also an unnecessary risk. Airborne debris, loose objects, and protruding scenery are all potential dangers.

Of course, an extra bold pet may even attempt to jump right out the window. If your pet wants to feel the wind in their fur, lower the window a few inches.

Never Leave Them Alone In The Car

Extreme cabin temperatures can be a threat to your furry friends. If it’s too hot or cold for you, it’s not safe for them.

Furthermore, even leaving the window down isn’t a good idea since unattended pets can raise the risk of break-ins. If you’re out and about, rotate bathroom breaks among you and your passengers so pets aren’t left alone, and try to stick to locations where your pet can roam with you.

Get Pet-Friendly Vehicles and Accessories at Lester Glenn Subaru

At Lester Glenn Subaru, we want your pet to enjoy driving as much as you do. Our new Subaru hatchbacks and SUVs will provide plenty of space for your pet to enjoy, and our accessories ensure they’re safe along the way. Stop by today to see what we offer!