You already know Subaru is known for its safety. That’s why you come to Lester Glenn Subaru in Toms River, NJ to keep your family safe and secure—whether you’re headed out on the open road or heading downtown for a night out. Still, there’s no better way to keep your Subaru as safe as possible than with routine car care and maintenance, and our Subaru service team is here to help.

Car maintenance may feel like just another chore, but the truth is it can majorly impact your life by saving you money and preventing accidents. Routine car care is the best way to keep you safe on the road. Doing so allows service technicians to inspect your car for signs of wear, damage, or corrosion and repair any complications before they become dangerous.

Good car care can also improve vehicle efficiency and performance, which means you’ll be able to react in the event of an emergency and your car will have a faster, more useful response. Plus, you’ll save money and time at the pumps simply by getting your tires filled and your oil levels checked.

Want even more reason to bring your 2019 Subaru Forester to our Subaru service center? If you’re planning on selling your car down the line, a history of good maintenance, oil changes, and inspections will help you get more value for your vehicle. And even if you decide to keep your vehicle, regular service and maintenance helps maintain your vehicle’s lifespan, so you can get more years out of it.

Don’t wait to experience a smoother, more comfortable ride that lasts for years. Schedule a service appointment online or visit Lester Glenn Subaru at 1501 Route 37 West in Toms River, NJ today.