Chances are very good that you love your Subaru Forester, as this is an outstanding SUV. As such, you surely want to keep it in tip-top condition. In order to do this, it’s important to follow a service schedule, and here’s a rundown of what tasks you should never miss:

Every 2 to 3 Months

You should be checking the air pressure in your tires every few months because this can fluctuate based on the temperature. Keeping it at the proper levels is vital for improved safety and fuel economy. And don’t just rely on the monitoring system in your car, as it will only notify you if the psi has dropped below 75 percent. Checking the fluids and ensuring they are at the correct levels is another essential frequent task.

Every 6 Months

An oil change about every six months is vital. Over time, oil gets thick and dirty, and it can’t supply the moving parts in the engine with adequate lubrication. Regular oil changes boost power and gas mileage. When you’re getting your oil changed, have your tires rotated as well. This will allow them to wear down more evenly, which extends their lifespan.

During your oil change service, our trained technicians will top off your fluids and check your filters, as well. If there are any red flags, we’ll let you know before recommending further service.

Every Year

You should have technicians examine two key parts of your Subaru Forester at least every year: the brakes and battery. Brake pads and shoes wear down, and an inspection will let you know if something needs to be replaced. Your car battery should last 3-5 years, and having it tested routinely will tell you how much life it has left.

If your Subaru Forester requires any of these tasks, just make an appointment with the service center at Lester Glenn Subaru in Toms River.