When you’re ready to add a new or used Subaru to your driveway, Lester Glenn Subaru has you covered. We carry a wide inventory of new and pre-owned cars and SUVs, and we’re dedicated to putting you behind the wheel of a vehicle you’re sure to love today.

But it doesn’t stop there. Our team also wants to ensure you and your vehicle are safe and comfortable on the road for years to come. That’s why we’re recommending tips and tricks for keeping your car cool in the summer.

To start, stock up on a few essential items, like a sun shade, some towels, and maybe even a solar-powered fan for providing ventilation. Do your best to park your vehicle in a shaded, protected location, but put up your windshield visor anyway, to prevent direct sun exposure. Cover your steering wheel and seat with towels to avoid pain or injury from sitting on hot surfaces. A sun shade can be installed on your windshield within seconds.

Don’t forget to protect the items inside your Subaru vehicle, as well. The sun can melt or damage items in your car, especially plastic items like water bottles, which can cause them to release harmful chemicals. For this reason, be sure to keep food or any food containers out of sunlight.

And if you feel comfortable doing so, consider cracking the window just a little bit. A small amount of airflow and ventilation can go a long way when it comes to cooling your car down in the summer.

For more information on how you can keep your vehicle safe all year long, trust the team at Lester Glenn Subaru. Visit us at 1501 Route 37 West in Toms River, NJ for new models, car care, and parts today.