If your car’s running fine, you might not think to check its fluids. Luckily, your knowledgeable technicians here at Lester Glenn Subaru will check these fluids for you when you come in for regular maintenance. You can schedule a time slot on our website or give us a call at 888-821-3735.

First and foremost, let’s discuss the importance of power steering fluid in your Subaru Forester or Subaru Outback near Manahawkin. When this runs low, you might hear squeaking noises or notice that it’s harder to turn. It’s vital to have this checked occasionally by a service member so your pump doesn’t burn out.

Additionally, just like blood circulates through our bodies, your car’s oil flows throughout the engine, keeping the components lubricated and moving smoothly. Without enough of it, you run the risk of increased friction, causing your engine’s parts to break, overheat, or fail altogether.

Last, but not least, if there are bugs splattered on your windshield, your first thought is to turn on your wiper blades and spray fluid to clear away the debris. Unfortunately, this is another fluid that can run low, so it needs to be refilled from time to time.

We only pointed out a few of the important vehicle fluids to watch, but don’t worry! Our service department can check all of them for you. We strive to keep your vehicle in running order and want to see you arrive at each destination safely. From oil changes to tire rotations and battery checks, we have you covered. Swing by our service bay or schedule an appointment today!

Now that you know a little bit about important vehicle fluids to pay attention to, visit our Subaru dealership near Lakehurst, NJ. Your Subaru model’s health matters to us! We’re located at 1501 Route 37 West and hope to see you walking through our doors soon.